Sustainability is central to us and we are committed to reducing our footprint on the planet. Our goal is to create green innovations that makes it easy to care for and maintain our stuff fresh so we don't have to buy new all the time. Except when we really want to.

This is what drives us, and we invite consumers, brands and organizations to join us. Keep it fresh, make it last.


Sustainable choices shouldn’t be difficult. SmellWell products are climate neutral and produced with the least possible impact on the environment. Materials and ingridients used are sustainable and to extent possible recycled, upcycled or compostable. We're constantly trying to better ourselves and during 2021 we're replacing all plastic used in our packaging.


SmellWell started from a grassroots approach and the brand is built through a joint collaboration with sport professionals, teams and happy amateurs. We support youth activities, teams and communities as well as circular-economy initiatives all over the world. We are constantly looking for new ways to make a difference, so please get in touch.